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Ships Adjusted by Mark

PC Mark S. Anderson, N
Compass Adjuster

Marine Compass Adjustment & Repair 
Sextant Repair & Sales


We regret to inform any visitors that Mark passed away June 19th, 2014. 

We are not offering compass adjustment or repair services anymore. 

We can not refer you to adjustment services in Portland, however you can contact Skip (Edward Schott) at Captain's Nautical in Seattle, WA at (206) 724-6380 for adjustment services in the Pacific Northwest.  Skip does travel to Portland regularly.



This website is available, as is the domain thecompassadjuster.com. 

Please contact Mark's daughter Kori Rush at https://frogabog.com.



The Compass Adjuster is a full service marine & aircraft compass adjustment & repair service center operating out of Portland, Oregon.

Serving the Pacific Northwest, providing nautical compass service on commercial, government, and private vessels for over 30 years.

The Compass Adjuster proudly offers the main adjustment/calibration service available on the Pacific Coast from Seattle, Washington to San Diego, California.

    • Mark services all types of marine vessels, from the smallest private vessel to the largest commercial and government ships, 24 hours/day.

Oregon Washington Idaho Pacific Northwest States

  • Mark is always available by phone for all your questions and requests, or can be reached by email.  International ships requesting service or quotation while not in US time zones should Contact Mark by email initially providing information regarding your requirements, vessel, and schedule.

Vessel Service

Commercial Vessel Service is available throughout Oregon and Washington

Commercial ShipsAlong the Columbia River, commercial ship are adjusted as requested onboard the vessel.  Mark services and adjusts commercial, government, and private vessel compasses at all Pacific Coast Ports and Marinas.  

At Portland's Cascade General Shipyard, ships that are in port for repair are adjusted on the Columbia River near the St. Johns Bridge immediately before setting to sea after repair.

Repair services prior to adjustment are available at the Port in Portland and also available for both bid & contract, as well as emergency repair services.

Vessel Service

Private vessels service for Willamette and Columbia Rivers in Portland, Oregon

Private Vessels at MarinaPrivate vessel adjustment in the Portland, Oregon area and is typically performed on the Columbia River between the I-5 Bridge and Bonneville Dam.  Willamette River vessels are adjusted on the Willamette below the St. Johns Bridge.

  Along the Columbia River from Portland to Astoria at the Pacific Coast, private adjustment service is performed locally near your marina or launch.